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British Express

British Express is a premier institute where learning is the way of life. The institute is a place where the learning of English Language is the centre of everything . We have developed an environment where you can come and see yourself improve every day you spend with us.

Our leaning process is much more and beyond Teachers, Books and lectures. We believe that communication skills have different aspects like the objective to learn, your own personality , the environment around you, relating the learning to life. We work upon all these aspects.

Top Reasons to Join Institute of Career In Financial Market
  • Foreign Exchange Program
  • Enriched & Experienced Faculty
  • 95% Placements record
  • Hi-tech Facilities
  • Well-equipped infrastructure
  • Industry Exposure
  • Well furnished & equipped Hostel accommodation.

Courses Offered

English Courses

Most of us from non English background are always interested to join a course which could help us learn English, but we know that our objectives / reasons to learn English are different. Some of us just want to learn English for life. Some of us want to learn English for competitive exams, whereas some want to learn for advanced English for professional purpose and some want to prepare for IELTS. At British Express, we have tailor – made courses for all your needs.

Personality Courses

At British Express, our personality grooming courses are a little different from others. Even in this category, we have four types of courses. Our module of “Personality Development” works upon the strengths and weaknesses of your personality to help you become confident of your own personality. The modules of “Public Speaking” , “Interview Techniques” & “Group Discussion Techniques ” work upon the specific aspects of your personality for the situations where your personality is judged.

Business English Courses

When you do business, you are supposed to be professional, articulate and detailed yet precise in your communication . We offer courses which help you have edge in your business correspondence. British Express offers courses like “Etiquettes of E Mail /Telephonic Conversation ” , module of “English for Negotiation ” trains you for the Communication skills required in the sensitive situations of business deals, module of “English for Sales & Marketing ” trains you for the communication skills required to become a smart sales person who has the ability to convince his customer and the module for “Corporate Socializing ” helps you learn the skills to attend business parties , seminars , workshops.

Job Oriented

This program is for people who have little knowledge of English and hesitant to speak English. We aim to develop proficiency in English Language . We work upon your grammar , help you build your word power and groom your personality so that you not only have a rich knowledge but also a confident personality for effective communication.At British Express, we have customized job oriented modules which train you for certain job sectors like Retail / BPOs . We have a dedicated module for “Call Center Training” along with the module for “Voice & Accent Training” . Apart from it , we have a very job orient module of “Customer service for BPOs” . The module of “Customer Service for Retail ” make you job ready for exciting opportunities in the segment.

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